Welsh, a modern Brythonic language

700,000 people in Wales and some living in the bordering counties, use Cymraeg, the ancient Brythonic Celtic Welsh language


Native to Wales or Cymru is Cymraeg, the Welsh language, the Welsh are known to be among the most traditional inhabitants of the world. They are very proud of their cultural identity and have managed to keep it almost unaltered over the centuries. There are about 700,000 people in Wales and some living in the bordering counties, who still use the Welsh language.

Welsh language is an ancient Celtic Indo-European language. It first appeared in the poems written by Taliesin during 700AD. The Welsh dictionary and vocabulary are comprised of old Brythonic words along with the words borrowed from English and Latin languages. It is closely linked to Cornish and Breton, the other branches of Brythonic language.


A modified Latin alphabet with eight digraphs (ch, dd, ff, ng, ll, ph, rh, th) that are acknowledged as single letters is used in writing this language. Some distinct features of the language are: stress is given on the second to last syllable when pronouncing the words, masculine and feminine are the two genders, words are not inflexed for a case and helping verbs are frequently used. Special counting system quite similar to the French system is also used in this ancient language.


Though English has gained more in popularity and is spoken by the majority of the population, more impetus is now given on the use of Welsh language in schools, colleges and government establishments. The Welsh Language Board gets substantial funds from the government for promoting the Welsh language among the youth. The Welsh Language Act introduced in 1993 allows people to speak the traditional language in court proceedings. Radio Cymru and Welsh TV (S4C) have also contributed a lot to its growth. With the Welsh language regaining its lost ground, there are many sites over the Internet that provide dedicated services such as English Welsh translation, Welsh dictionary, Welsh translator to help people understand, speak and write this wonderful language.

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